Message from our CEO

It is an awesome experience to serve my community as a physical therapist and business professional. Ergo Solutions is organic and vibrant; we prepare and train our team to lead the health care industry as rehabilitation providers. We practice good business to make sure we are here for our community for many years to come. Ergo Solutions LLC provide inpatient hospital and nursing home rehabilitative services. Our inpatient rehabilitation service offer specialized care across a wide array of diagnoses; delivering comprehensive, high-quality, cost-effective patient care. Our patients often experience significant physical and cognitive disabilities due to medical conditions, such as strokes, neurological disorders, hip fractures, head injuries, and spinal cord injuries, generally non-discretionary in nature.

These conditions require rehabilitative healthcare services in an inpatient setting.

Our team of highly skilled specialized therapists work with physicians to utilize the latest in technology and clinical protocols, focusing to return our patients to their way of life, at home and at work. Our patients benefit first hand, from our system of care: This system provided by therapy staff as directed by physician orders, works well. We monitor patient progress, provide documentation and oversight of patient status, achievement of goals, discharge planning, and functional outcomes. We provide comprehensive interdisciplinary clinical approach to treatment that leads to a higher level of care and superior outcomes.

Dr Jason S Henderson DPT, MBA



Dr. Jason S. Henderson DPT, MBA
Dr. Jason S. Henderson DPT, MBACEO
As a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a national public speaker, consultant and educator. Since 2001, Jason has also served as a generational dynamics and diversity speaker, consultant, trainer and facilitator…
Dr. Courtland R. Wyatt, DPT
Dr. Courtland R. Wyatt, DPTDPT
Dr. Courtland Wyatt is a native of St. Louis, MO where he learned the value of hard work at an early age. A veteran of the United States Army, he went on to attend Howard University where he was…
Dr. Olu P. Ezeani, DPT
Dr. Olu P. Ezeani, DPTCFO
OluP. Ezeani is a founder and CFO of Ergo Solutions. Ergo Solutions, LLC was started in 2003 as an outpatient rehab clinic; the following year, the company had expanded to provide rehabilitation…
Richard C. Flanagan, MHR
Richard C. Flanagan, MHRDirector of Capitol Management
Mr. Flanagan is an Executive with more than 50 years of experience in Human Resource and Small Business Management. He received his education through the DC Public School System, the Howard University School of Engineering and Architecture and the Atlanta University System. Richard has been deeply involved in the fields…
Dr. George L. Brownlee III, PT
Dr. George L. Brownlee III, PTVP of Operations
George Brownlee, PT, is the original co-founder of Ergo Solutions Rehab, LLC. George is a graduate of Howard University, class of 95. Since graduation, he has divulged himself into learning the business side of long term care. He is an expert in areas for financial expansion in Long Term Care such as DRG , RUG Management…
Anita Brown
Anita Brown Finance Comptroller
Anita Brown earned her degree in accounting in 2000. Anita has worked in the accounting field for over 20 years. With her years of experience in accounting, she became the Finance Comptroller of Ergo Solutions in 2015. She handles all financial functions for the company. She manages the monthly and annual budgets as well as…


“I am so thankful I was paired with you and you were willing to accept me in your clinic to develop my skills. I hope to continue my professional development and seek you out for advice and assistance in PT matters and beyond. Words cannot express how grateful I am.”
Blake Banner
“I have been here for 5 weeks and the progress I’ve made means a lot to me. The doctors at Ergo Solutions are knowledgeable about what I’m going through. I have to fight through the pain but it’s a good pain and it’s worth it. Thank you so much!”
Mr. Leverton